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10 yrs of Amazing Adventures

She was fifteen and he was 24 when they met at church. A church that her grandmother had been a member of since 1957, and his family landed at the same church in 1969. She was living with her grandmother that year trying to gain a new start in life. He friended her when his best friend/pastor's son broke up with her. They hung out a few times, then went on with life in separate ways. She got married a few years later, and had a few babies, and he got married to a lady with a son. About 14 years later she is in a marriage going no where, and he is divorced. He started dating an old friend of hers that was not going well. So some mutual friends were hanging out one night and invited them both to join them. They all had a great time at a local pool hall. He then took a drunk girl home, set her up on his sofa with a pillow and a blanket. He left the next morning quietly for work. She woke up in the middle of no where. All she could see and hear off the front porch were cedar trees, and dogs barking. She soon realized the dogs were getting closer. She tried calling him with no success due to no cell service. She then found the landline and called her friend to come get her. They met up again that night and kindled a great friendship. As they kept meeting up to hang out, they started to see that something more was developing. She had gotten out of her marriage that had been falling apart for sometime. She moved into her grandmothers empty house to find refuge with her two girls from a life in a total state of destruction. She started taking her girls to church to find that Jesus was with her all along. She thought she was done with marrige and wanted to focus on her girls. God laughed because he had other plans. Under his devine intervention that once 15 year old girl, and 24 year old guy built a bond that would take them into another life. This time it was a life they could build together. On August 10, 2007 they officially started dating. Got engaged in Feb 2008, and married on August 10, 2008. They became a family of five, and the new life of adventures began. They honeymooned in Cabo San Lucas. He took her camping for her first time in a 1990 Fleetwood Prowler. They went to Enchanted Rock with the girls, and their new dog. From that point on they continued to travel together, creating memories that will last a life time. They have bought a house, found a love for RV camping, and now have a grand baby. Their most recent adventure took them to Seaside, FL+Savannah, GA+New Orleans, LA all alone to comoderate the 10th anniversary of a great love story. 10 years of Amazing Adventures and two broken hearts mended, and family bond created.

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