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First Bath

Hooking up to the camper gives me this exhilarating feeling each and every time we are headed to go somewhere. It's like when I got my barbie dream house at the age of 5 or 6. I'm not sure they had the barbie camper then.  Anyway I was in heaven, over the moon. I loved that big ole house with all the rooms, and would play with it for hours. Just the same way that I love being on the road for hours with that house on wheels behind us. I love each and every part of RV travel; the researching for the perfect town, campground, the road trip there (how can you not love the Road Trip there are so many things to see), grocery shopping'(Which I typically can't stand grocery shopping), setting up (which I play very little part in), to putting the chairs out, or finding that local restaurant you can't find back home. We have a thing that if we eat out it has to be a place we can not get anywhere else. We are rarely disapointed. Camping gives me such a sense of relaxation like no other.

Interestingly enough I did not grow up camping in or around a travel trailer or anything of the sort. I tent camped a few times and was not too fond of it. I was a little leery when we first took the old camper out. Not sure how I would sleep, or cook, or how any of it all worked. My husband caught me up quick. I feel in love with camping. I REALLY like running water! See this is where I get a little personal, and reveal that I will pee on my self if I wait too long to get to a potty. Being a woman, having kids, and a bladder issue is a blessed thing! Well I could do without the bladder issue, but its hear for now so I have a sweet little relationship with the potty. I also have a high maintenance issue with having my husband stop at the most posh gas station when needed (Thank the good Lord for Buccee's while in Texas). Not to mention that I absolutely love having my own bed to sleep in. We have had some doozies of hotel rooms in our time. Listen we are middle class people that love adventure but not about to spend money at the Ritz Carlton just to ensure a smell free, bug free, taco free mattress/hotel room. So, having your own bed, dishes, and such is really nice.

For those of you that already have a camper you most likely can relate, those that are getting a camper I hope you feel something similar, and for those of you that are here just because it seems like a neat idea then I hope that you have something that you do where you get a relaxing feeling like no other. At the end of the day you have to treat yourself at some point, and Camping is a real treat to us.

We also got a chance to wash this baby for the first time. I love a clean vehicle. TIP- you can wash your rig yourself just be sure to take it to a big truck stop bay. You would hate for anything on the roof to be damaged due to the hose spinner thing at the top of the bay.

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